I am a Texas bookworm who moved to Washington D.C./Northern Virginia to work on large computer systems. I soon learned that presenting technical and business information that was readable and compelling was not for sissies. suited to the audience. I created hundreds of professional business proposals and resumes, basing my approach on solid marketing techniques, and began to write articles and technology blogs.

I write truly professional resumes in which my client’s career history is totally revamped. Resume clients tend to bury the lede (putting major awards at the bottom of their resume, for example) and to write minimalistic statements that only hint at what they actually did. I elicit details and accomplishments that truly represent client skills and make sure to add creative writing to make them stand out.

Every resume is a transformation because it addresses two timeframes: the job history, which needs to be made readable and interesting, and only include highlights to attract attention, and the future, where the most crucial skills and abilities of both timeframes are described at a higher level that shows how the candidate’s history fits the new career path.

I pursued my interest in reading and reviewing biographies and true stories of achievement, especially as related to writing, science, and exploration. From the first book I read on the famous and mysterious Tutankhamen, I have tried to understand new universes, ancient civilizations and those who have the courage to explore new ideas and places. I read books about polar exploration, accounts from World Wars I and II, and biographies of writers and scientists in search of heroic deeds and people. I look for real characters who inhabit exotic and dangerous environs, and who face far more trouble than I ever have.